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High Purity Metals & Powders

Molybdenum, Tantalum, Niobium, Titanium carbide, Pure Powders either atomized, reacted of pure metals, alloys, intermetallics and ceramics such as oxides, nitrides, silicides, ELEMENTAL, non oxide & oxide nano-powders.

Thermal and Graphite Powders. Ultra-Pure Metals produced by electron beam or horizontal zone refining, chemical reaction and vacuum melting, Rare Earth Metals.

List of our Powders -

Aluminum Columbium Diboride Molybdenum Metal (pcs) Tantalum Nitride
Aluminum Carbide Columbium Disulfide Molybdenum Carbide Tantalum Oxide
Aluminum Nitride Columbium Carbide Molybdenum Diboride Tantalum Silicide
Aluminum Oxide Columbium Nitride Molybdenum Disilicide Tellurium Metal (ingot)
Antimony Metal (ingot) Columbium Pentoxide Molybdenum Disulfide Thallium Sulfate
Antimony Sulfide Copper Molybdenum Trioxide Thorium Oxide (lump)
Antimony Trioxide Copper Nickel Alloy Monel Tin Metal (ingot)
Antimony Trisulfide Copper Sulfide Mullite Titanium
Barium Chromate Cupric Oxide Neodymium Metal (ingot) Titanium Carbide
Barium Titanate Dolomite Nichrome Titanium Diboride
Bismuth (lump) Europium Metal (ingot) Nickel Titanium Disilicide
Boron (crystalline) Europium Oxide Nickel Aluminide Titanium Hydroxide
Boron Carbide Gallium Nickel Boron (alloy) Titanium Nitride
Boron Nitride Germanium Metal (pcs) Nickel Oxide Tungsten
Brass Hafnium Metal (pieces) Praseodymium (ingot) Tungsten Boride
Bronze Hafnium Oxide Rhenium Tungsten Carbide
Cadmium Inconel Rubidium Metal (ingot) Tungsten Disilicide
Calcium Fluoride Indium Metal (ingot) Rubidium Carbonate Tungsten Disulfide
Calcium Oxide Indium Hydroxide Rubidium Chloride Tungsten Trioxide
Cerium Metal (ingot) Indium Oxide Rubidium Sulfate Vanadium Metal (turnings)
Cerium Carbonate Indium Ribbon Samarium Metal (ingot) Vanadium Boride
Cerium Chloride Indium Wire Scandium Vanadium Chloride
Cerium Oxide Iron Metal (flake) Scandium Oxide Vanadium Pentoxide
Cerium Sulfate Iron Oxide Selenium Metal (lump) Vanadium Sulfate
Cerium Bromide Iron Titanate Selenium Oxide Yttrium Metal (ingot)
Cerium Carbonate Lanthanum Aluminate Silica Yttrium Oxide
Cerium Chromate Lanthanum Hexaborate Silicon Zinc
Cerium Chloride Lanthanum Oxide Silicon Carbide Zinc Oxide
Cerium Nitrate Lead (bar) Silicon Nitride Zirconium
Cerium Sulfate Lead Fluoride Silicon Tetraboride Zirconium Carbide
Chromium Lead Oxide Stainless Steel Zirconium Diboride
Chromium Carbide Maganese Metal (flake) Stannous Chloride Zirconium Oxide
Chromium Diboride Magnesium Metal (ingot) Stannous Oxide Zirconium Silicate
Chromium Disilicide Magnesium Aluminate Strontium Metal (rod) Zirconium Silicide
Chromium Trioxide Magnesium Carbonate Tantalum Zirconium Sulfate
Cobalt Magnesium Chloride Tantalum Carbide Zirconium Nitrate
Columbium (Niobium) Magnesium Oxide Tantalum Diboride  

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